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General Information

The City of Northwood Fire Deptartment is a public department in northern Wood County Ohio with members being either part-time or paid-on-call. We currently have an ISO rating of 4. We protect approximately 6,000 citizCity of Northwoodens in a 8.5 square mile area, including portions of I-75, I-280, SR 579, and SR 51. We are dispatched by our Police & Fire Emergency Communications Center and operate on the Lucas County 800 radio system. Information on our run volume can be found under the Public Information tab. 

We run automatic-aid with the following jurisdictions:

  • City of Rossford
  • Perrysburg Township
  • Lake Township 
  • Allen-Clay Joint Fire District 

We provide mutual-aid to the following jurisdictions:

  • City of Oregon
  • City of Toledo

We have a Part-Time City Fire Chief who oversees all operations of the Fire Department. He is assisted by a Deputy Chief, a District Chief, a Captain, and six Lieutenants. The Deputy Chief oversees all department training. The District Chief oversees operations at Station 83. The Captain oversees operations at Station 82. The lieutenants each oversee an aspect of the department including fleet maintenance, small engine repairs, fire prevention inspections, shift scheduling, public CPR training, and our probationary mentoring program. 

We have two personnel on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These part-time personnel respond to all calls for service and also take care of day-to-day tasks such as fire inspections, equipment checks, station upkeep, and Public Relations. The part-time duty crew‘s response is supplemented by paid-on-call personnel who respond from home.

Our department operates newer, updated equipment including 2001 KME engine, a 2018 Pierce engine, a 2009 KME tower, a 2005 KME minipumper, a 2015 AEV medic unit, a 2004 Braun medic unit, a 1998 Horton medic unit, a 2006 Ford Expedition utility, a 2017 Chevy Silverado utility, a 2007 Durango Deputy Chiefs car, and a 2015 Tahoe Chiefs car. We carry equipment and training for many types of hazards including Rescue Task Force/Active Shooter operations, water & ice rescue, & vehicle rescue. We carry three 2015 Zoll monitors and AED equipment. Information on our equipment can be found in the Station Information section under About Us.

The City of Northwood Fire Department proudly provides fire, rescue, and emergency medical services to the City of Northwood, our neighbors, friends, families, and guests. We also provide training opportunities to our neighbors including babysitter first aid, CPR classes, and fire extinguisher training.