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Rank Name Fire Training EMS Training Serving Since
Fire Chief 82 Joel Whitmore FF-II Paramedic 1988

Deputy Chief 83

Randy Roslin FF-II Paramedic 2009
Station #83
Rank Name Fire Training EMS Training Serving Since
District Chief 101 David Hartle* FF-II Paramedic 1985
Lieutenant 107 Raymond Beckman* FF-II Advanced EMT 1988
Lieutenant 105 Robert Bowman* FF-II Advanced EMT 2003
Lieutenant 109 Adam Myers* FF-II EMT 2015
Firefighter Joseph Caligiuri* FF-II EMT 1979
Firefighter Todd Metcalf* FF-II Paramedic 1996
Firefighter Christopher Kretz* FF-I EMT 2008
Firefighter Dr. Ryan Hartle, MD* FF-I Paramedic 2009
Firefighter Kyle Simok** FF-II Paramedic 2011
Firefighter Daniel Socie* FF-II Paramedic 2013
Firefighter Ashley Terry* FF-II EMT 2016
Firefighter Chris Baker* FF-II EMT 2016
Firefighter Andrew Belcik* FF-II Paramedic 2017
Firefighter Phil Wojcinski* FF-II Paramedic 2017
Firefighter JJ Ball FF-I EMT 2018
Probationary Troy Schmitz FF-I --- 2020
Probationary Dustin Iler FF-II EMT 2022
Probationary Sarah Ellis --- EMT 2022
Probationary Noah Bloom FF-II EMT 2022
Recruit Isaac Dobson --- --- 1979
Station #82
Rank Name Fire Training EMS Training Serving Since
Captain 104 Anthony Caligiuri* FF-II Paramedic 2005
Lieutenant 110 Ray Rygalski* FF-II EMT 2000
Lieutenant 108 Jeremy Beckman* FF-II EMT 2002
Lieutenant 106 Tyler Donnell* FF-II Paramedic 2011
Firefighter Kevin Huss FF-I EMT 1984
Firefighter Blaine Bryant* FF-II EMT 2004
Firefighter Brad Pytlarz FF-I EMT 2007
Firefighter Anthony Shirey* FF-II EMT 2011
Firefighter Stephen Lagrange** FF-II EMT 2015
Firefighter Dakota Hadder** FF-II EMT 2016
Firefighter Ryan Schumaker** FF-II EMT 2016
Firefighter Nate Brice FF-II EMT 2017
Firefighter Rodney Thomas* FF-II EMT 2017
Firefighter Brian Toflinski* FF-II EMT 2018
Firefighter Joey Snyder* FF-II Paramedic 2018
Firefighter Amanda Hughes* FF-II EMT 2018
Probationary MC Harris --- --- 2019
Probationary Kyle Zapadka FF-I --- 2021
Part-Time Paramedics
Rank Name Fire Training EMS Training Serving Since
Firefighter Ryan Grant* FF-II Paramedic 2018

* Part-Time Firefighter

** Engineer / Part-Time Firefighter

Training Key

VFF | Volunteer Firefighter; Equivalent to minimum 36 hours state training

FF-I | Firefighter I; Equivalent to minimum 120 hours state training

FF-II | Firefighter II; Equivalent to minimum 240 hours state training

EMT | Emergency Medical Technician; Equivalent to minimum 150 hours state training

AEMT | Advanced EMT; Equivalent to minimum 200 hours state training after completing EMT for a total minimum of 350 hours

Paramedic; Equivalent to minimum 1,100 hours state training after completing EMT for a total minimum of 1,250 hours

N/A | No certification obtained at time of publish