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Fire Chief Joel Whitmore

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station 83 685x200

Station 83 is located at 2100 Tracy Rd. It is also the Police Substation for the city’s west side. It includes a dayroom, kitchen, workout area, and was built to be easily expanded in the future to include training/meeting space and living quarters. For information on the proposed expansion, see the Station Addition Project under Public Information. 

Station 83 houses an Engine, Tower, Medic, and a Utility.

Engine 83 is BLS equipped and carries a full complement of Genesis vehicle rescue equipment. It also carries RIT, portable lights, a light tower, a power PPV fan, gas monitoring and HazMat IQ Kit, and an assortment of hand tools  

Tower 83 is BLS equipped and carries a back up set of vehicle rescue equipment besides the traditional truck company complement. It carries both gas and electric PPV fans, portable lighting, ResQJacks for vehicle stabilization, saws, and a selection of hand tools for overhaul operation.

Medic 83 is ALS equipped. It has a Stryker power loader and carries Rescue Task Force protective gear. 

Utility 83 is BLS equipped. 

We are also lucky to house Old Betsy, the City’s first rig! 


800 Passenger.jpg802 Front Passenger Angled.jpg804 Driver.jpgE83.jpg

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Station 2 Information

Station #82 is located at the City Municipal complex at 6000 Wales Rd. It houses our duty part-time duty crew and includes living quarters, a new day room, and a new kitchen.

Station 82 houses an Engine, a mini pumper, two ALS Medic units, and a Utility.

Engine 82 is BLS equipped and carries a Genesis cordless hydraulic combi vehicle rescue tool as well as vehicle stabilization jacks and cribbing. 

Minipumper 82 is BLS equipped and carries a variety of tools for firefighting operations. 

Medic 82 is ALS equipped and has a Stryker auto loader. It also carries Rescue Task Force gear.

Medic 80 is ALS equipped with a Stryker auto loader. It is staffed 24/7 by our part-time duty crew. It carries Rescue Task Force equipment, gas monitoring and HazMat IQ, and a Zoll Autopulse .

Utility 82 is BLS equipped. 


Engine 82.JPGM21 M80 2.jpgMedic 80.jpgMiniPumper 82.jpgUtility 82.jpg

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