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Station 83

Northwood Station 1 was originally established in Febuary of 1953 as The Ross Twp Volunteer Fire Department No. 1, Company.

The original Trustees were:

Harvey Gunner
Henry R. Quetschke
Eli H. Stemen
Ervin Baker


Station 82


Northwood Volunteer Fire Department #2 (formerly Ross Township #2) was proposed in November, 1949 as the Ross Township Civic Association. Not much action was taken until mid February, 1950. At that time Mr. Karl Hirzel, Sr., owner of Hirzel Canning Company on Lemoyne Road, called a group of citizens to his office and asked them if they were still interested in starting a fire department. If so, he had a 1945 Ford chassis with a 1946 Mercury flat-head engine and also an 800-gallon tank he would donate.